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Pet Loss: Taking Comfort in Your Pets After Care - 10/24/2019

Pet Loss:
Taking Comfort in Your Pets After Care 
Sweet Old Dog being comforted by his owner 

                        Losing a pet is very hard.  And what can make it harder is wondering about the "unknown". It can be scary and unnerving not knowing what happens next. What happens after I leave him? Where do they take him? Are they handling him with care?  How do I know the ashes I receive are truly my pets remains? All these question are valid concerns and can make you sick with worry. Your pet has been a constant in your life and loved you unconditionally. And you want to make sure they are being cared for, even after you say goodbye. So we wanted to shed some light on this dark cloud to help our clients with these worrisome thoughts.  And even walk you though the process that you may have been too scared or upset to ask about, to hopefully give you some comfort and closure. 

Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services Lobby

About Faithful Companion 

We first would like to tell you that we have taken great care in selecting a company for our patients After Care services. There are many companies out there that can provide these services, but we want you to know that the company that we have chosen for our beloved patients "After Life" care is nothing but Top Notch and utterly professional. We wanted to make sure the company we chose was empathetic and treated your pet like it was their own. That is why we are proud to say that Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services is the company we trust with this delicate process. 

Private room where you can choose a keepsake 

What Happens After You Say Good Bye

When you leave your pet after you say your final Goodbye, a paw print is made and they are softly placed in a casket box with a cushion liner. Faithful Companion comes to pick up your pet immediately so your pet isn't sitting alone or stored inappropriately. They are then taken to Faithful's Crematorium where they are tagged and tracked by their superior system making sure the process is smooth and precise for each pet. Once the cremation has taken place, and your pet is ready to be returned home they will call you to make sure you are home to accept your pet. They will never just leave the remains on your door step. And they also kindly make sure you are emotionally ready as well. A Faithful Companion Representative, dressed polished and distinguished, will bring your pet right to you handling them with respect every step of the way. 

If a family wishes to be with their pet during the cremation process this is also an option. A Representative will meet you at the entrance, take you into one of their quiet rooms where you can choose from an array of keepsake items. Then you can go into a private room to be with your pet while the process takes place. They will graciously accommodate your wishes to help make this process as easy for you as possible.

If your pet should happen to pass at home, they will come directly to your home, and will respectfully transport your pet to the facility for you.

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The Facility

You can rest assured knowing that your pet is going to a clean and professional place and handled with care. We recently went on a tour of the Faithful Companion facility and it is nothing short of impressive. The place was beautiful and calming all at the same time. They walked us though the process and we can see that the representatives working were truly handling each and every pet gently, making sure to pay attention to detail, and give each pet their undivided attention. 

Loosing a pet can be one of the most difficult things to go though. And it can be frightening not knowing what happens after. But we hope that you will find Peace in knowing your furry family member will have the most dignified "After Care" experience with our chosen company Faithful Companion.