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COVID-19 and Your Pets - What You Need to Know - 04/16/2020

The Corona Virus and Your Pets: 
What You Need to Know 

Pet lovers worried about their pets during the Corona Virus Outbreak 

                By now everyone is aware of The Corona Virus and the damage it can cause as it sweeps the globe causing havoc on human life. Countless people from all across the world are becoming ill and many are loosing their lives to this virus. It is a pretty scary situation and pretty scary time as Nationwide quarantines are being ordered. School closures and even business shutdowns as we wait in the safety of our homes for this sickness to be eradicated. Most of us has never experienced anything like this before in our lifetime. And not only are we concerned with our own health but many are concerned about their pets as well. Pet owners are wondering and worrying about their beloved pets and what this virus can do to animals. What exactly does this mean for our pets? 

A microscopic look at The Corona Virus 

             Do we need to worry about our pets at this time? The answer is Yes and No. First of all, there is absolutely no need to get rid of your pets or be cruel to strays because of this virus. There has been no evidence that pets can give the virus to humans. However, if you know of someone that is positive don't let them handle your pet as their fur can act as a vector much like a doorknob or light switch. If you have the virus, it is said to limit your pets exposure and if possible have someone else care for your pet for the time being, as it may be possible for humans to transmit the virus to animals. Since this strain of the Corona Virus is new, we are still learning about it. The AVMA states "The CDC has not received any reports of pets becoming sick with COVID-19 in the United States, and we have no information that suggests that pets might be a source of infection for people with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19." With that said, there has been reports from other countries of positive cases in animals. There has been a couple cases of dogs that tested positive that were living with humans that were positive, but these dogs did not show any signs of sickness. There has also been a few cats that tested positive that did show signs of sickness. Corona Virus is also suspected to be highly contagious to Ferrets, but there have not been any known cases. You can read more up to date information on the American Veterinary Medical Associations website. 

It is said that cats can contract the virus and show signs of sickness 

                  Until more is known about this strain of the Corona Virus it is best to practice excellent hygiene techniques, even  when you are at home with your pets. Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask and gloves when venturing out of your home. Practice social distancing, even for your pet, meaning don't allow strangers to pet your dog on walks. And if you feel that you may be sick be careful handling your pets. But we stress that getting rid of your pet is  NOT necessary. We can all work together, stay safe, and get though this gloomy time. Brighter days are ahead. 

Wash your hands frequently and take precautions seriously